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ShopKo Stores

ShopKo Stores, Inc., is a customer lifestyle-driven specialty discount retailer based in Green Bay, Wis., focusing on dominating targeted categories of business. ShopKo Stores are located primarily in mid-sized and larger communities. The company employs 20,000 people in 147 locations in 17 states. In 1999, it posted annual sales of $2.6 million.

Retek Training Needs

ShopKo Stores implemented Retek RMS in five phases: Foundations, Merchandise Hierarchy, Pricing, Merchandise Acquisition, and Perpetual Inventory, starting in 1994. The entire implementation process was planned to take 4 years. The system was modified greatly from the standard Retek offering.

Training audiences included: Buyers, Buyer's Support, Replenishers, Merchandise Planners, DC Supervisors, DC Clerical, Return Center Supervisors, Return Center clerical, Accounts Payable, IS Help Desk, and Store Teammates. These full- and part-time employees work at 152 locations that include corporate offices, distribution centers and transportation facilities.


When ShopKo was in its fifth year of its Retek implementation plan, it tackled a phase that posed the greatest challenge to the company: Retek's Merchandise Acquisition. Also rapidly approaching was ShopKo's Y2K compliance deadline. Additionally, though ShopKo is a centralized organization, there were no consistent business processes across the company. Retek was going to change all of that, and the company needed to be ready on many fronts.

TEC Services and Products Delivered

TEC worked with ShopKo from the Conference Room Pilot forward. For the first several phases, TEC actually developed much of the documentation and training tools to support Retek training. TEC also trained ShopKo trainers to use documentation templates and develop training tools. To help prepare ShopKo for the significant changes in the final phases, TEC helped ShopKo define many key business processes.

Customized materials created by TEC included:

  • Training plans
  • Training documentation and tools
  • Tailor-made on-line Reports Index

TEC also delivered Train-the-Trainer sessions to the ShopKo Training team, DC Supervisors, and the Return Center Supervisors. TEC met or exceeded every scheduled deadline for documentation and training materials.


Victory! ShopKo Stores had a successful RETEK Phase 4 go-live in January 1999!

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