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Client Case Study

Doboy / Sig Pack

Headquartered in New Richmond, Wis., Doboy/SIG pack brings to the industry a legacy of packaging innovation that spans more than 60 years. It is committed to continuous product improvement, innovative ideas and pro-active customer service.

In 1999, Doboy was preparing changes in its systems so it would adhere to the international measurement/weight system for manufacturing (SPIDS); this engineering and manufacturing standard would become effective worldwide within the next two years. Most of Doboy/SIG Pack would be affected by this change.

Training and Consulting Needs

Doboy hired TEC to provide "Train the Trainer" instruction for a group of 10 management employees it selected to function as "core team leaders" for its company wide transition to SPIDS. TEC also was hired to assist and facilitate the process of working with the core team leaders to develop training classes and Trainer's guides for each of seven major topics including Title Blocks, Bills of Material, Dimensioning I and II and Preferred Manufacturing Practices.


Doboy team leaders were hesitant and apprehensive about the integration of SPIDS. They believed that upper management was not sending a clear message of the benefits that the conversion to SPIDS would bring each of them in their job. Furthermore, the benefits of the conversion were not presented clearly to other company employees.

TEC Products and Services Delivered

Approximately two weeks of classroom training and documentation were developed for Doboy. This work included approximately seven major topics/modules.

A TEC instructional design consultant worked with each core team leader to design a training outline and guide for each specific topic. TEC led the team leaders through a series of exercises to develop the course outline, as well as objectives, subtopics, practice exercises and learning surveys. These exercises modeled and reinforced the leaders' earlier Train-the-Trainer instruction.

TEC delivered a high quality PowerPoint presentation to complement and support the training guides that were developed for each major topic. Large signs and posters also were developed and designed as training tools.

TEC met or exceeded every scheduled deadline for documentation and training materials.


The Doboy Core Team rehearsed twice before the final rollout. A TEC instructional design consultant was present for both beta classes and assisted in fine-tuning the content and visual presentations.

Doboy enjoyed a successful SPIDS launch! Training was conducted by the core team leaders and was a true success.

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