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Client Case Study

After Hours

After Hours Formal Wear is the largest chain of company-owned tuxedo and men's formal wear stores with more than 450 stores nationwide. After Hours, having been in business for over 50 years, has grown rapidly with the acquisition of many smaller chains.

Training Needs

In Fall 2005, After Hours was rolling out a new Customer Event Management System, putting all stores company-wide on the same system and replacing an old paper-based system of tracking events at each store. They needed a Computer-Based Training (CBT) program to train store associates via web-conferencing. A year later, After Hours was re-deploying the Customer Event Management (CEM) tool with enhanced functionality, revised screens, and process changes that would simplify its use at stores. After Hours needed an enhanced training program with additional tools and training sessions for District Managers and stores.


After Hours had grown mostly by acquisition and all stores were not using the same procedures. The new event system would put all of the stores on the same system, using the same procedures and eliminating the old paper-based system -- a major process change for many associates.

TEC Services and Products Delivered

In 2005, TEC developed a set of Computer-based Training (CBT) modules for the main functions of the system including Overview and Benefits; Navigation; Event Entry; and Customer Support. In addition, TEC created practice exercises, quick-reference guides and Help Desk store support scripts and decision trees to support employee learning and productivity in using the new system. TEC also contributed their change management and communications expertise to increase employee acceptance of the new system.

In 2006, TEC developed the following Products for After Hours:

  • Self-Paced CBT (computer-based training)

  • Self-Paced Manual to be used in conjunction with the CBT

  • Store Associate Training Tools including: Quick Reference Guides (QRG's), Learning Surveys, and On-line Reference Documentation


The new Customer Event Management System improved customer satisfaction across the chain as employees were able to assist customers with their important events more quickly and efficiently.

"I completed both the CBT modules and am very excited about the possibilities that this new program offers all AH stores. The program was very simple to follow and very easy to understand. If the rest of the training is this complete, we will be set to go!"

-- a longtime Store Manager for After Hours

After Hours was extremely satisfied with the products and services that TEC provided; they engaged TEC a year later in the redeployment of their event management system.

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