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Course Outline

Retail 101®

An interactive, applied workshop that is tailored
fit your retail organization.


TEC superimposes the basic concepts of retail with your terminology, roles and responsibilities, technological systems, and the very things that give you your competitive advantage.  Included are practical store visits to help participants apply the lessons from the workshop.  TEC also offers to evaluate the business impact of the class and to measure changes in on-the-job behavior to compare the costs of Retail 101 with its benefits.

The workshop is preceded by a practical exercise to understand the feelings, opinions and attitudes of their own customer, by becoming customers themselves
We include an overview of retail, the role that technology plays, and basic retail terminology
The workshop consists of a variety of group discussion, individual and group activities, and case studies to explain the six components of the SKU Life Cycle: Understand, Plan, Buy, Move, Sell and Pay

  • Understand: Understand your company and its strategic plan; use market research and analysis to understand consumer behavior, target markets, trade areas, competition, and site selection

  • Plan: Learn basic retail calculations, what loss prevention really means, and how effective financial, human resources, and assortment plans are critical to giving a retailer the competitive advantage

  • Focus: Focus on sourcing and vendor relations, item setup / management, and inventory management and replenishment

  • Move: Learn about the processing of merchandise: pre-ticketing, transferring, returning, receiving, and stocking

  • Sell: Participate in a team case study presenting the various selling components: advertising, in-store marketing, pricing, merchandise presentation, store layout and appearance, and customer service

  • Pay: Learn about accounts receivable, accounts payables

Effective, fun and energizing practical hands-on simulation exercises are included to reinforce the various concepts and learning points covered in the workshop.

Length of Workshop

Approximately 40 hours (five days) for the base course, and may vary depending on client customization.

Recommended Audience

Designed for all associates of retailers who need to know more about the basic activities and concepts involved in the sale of goods and services to end consumers.  This workshop can be added to new employee orientation programs or offered to existing employees who need to understand retailing concepts and processes to be more effective in their jobs. 

Recommended Class Size

Fifteen to eighteen participants.

Participant Materials

Retail Glossary
Exercise Scenarios

Optional Services

Customized Glossary
Roles and Responsibilities, as defined by your retail organization
Your specific technological systems
Course Evaluation for Reaction & Planned Action, Learning, Application, and Business Impact

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