TEC: Technical Education Consultants, Inc.

Course Outline

Inventory Management 101®

An interactive, applied workshop that will help you
to balance your inventories and purchases to sales.


In todayís marketplace, inventory management often is a key determinant of a retailerís success or struggles.Having the right amount of merchandise available at the right store at the right time is crucial to customer satisfaction.But the costs of having too much inventory can suffocate a retailer.

TECís workshop covers the following topics:

*An overview of Inventory Management

*Important concepts and terms including:

*On-hands / On-orders


*Over stocks

*Stock Shortages

*Item / location relationship

*Tracking item movement

*Factors to know and understand when replenishing

*Replenishment option types

*The role of the distribution center

*Order tracking

*Importance of accurate receiving

*Inventory adjustments

*Physical inventories

*Roles and responsibilities

*The role of technology

Length of Workshop

Approximately one to two days for the base course, and may vary depending on client customization.

Recommended Audience

Designed for retail associates involved in the inventory management of goods and services.

Recommended Class Size

Twelve to fifteen participants.

Participant Materials


*Exercise scenarios

Optional Services

*Customized Glossary

*Roles and responsibilities as defined by your retail organization

*Your specific technological systems

*Course Evaluation for Reaction & Planned Action, Learning, Application,and Business Impact

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